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p3p Template
    We have developed a template p3p.xml file that is ideal for basic web sites that do not use cookies or collect any identifiable data. This is a basic template where you simply replace the sample data with your own. Easy to follow instructions are included. It will only takes a few minutes to edit and then upload the files to your site.
Who can use the template?
    This template is only suitable for web sites that:
    • do not collect any identifiable data, so no order forms, contact forms, or mailing list subcription forms, etc.
    • do not use cookies
    • have an existing privacy policy
    • may collect basic site usage statistics for site administration purposes.

    If your web site does not conform to the above then this template is not for you. Please use the p3p.xml form or consulting options.

What is included in the template?

    You will receive 3 files:
    • p3p.xml
      This file specifies where your policy.xml file is and also which web pages the file relates to.
    • policy.xml
      This file specifies your privacy policy details.
    • instructions.html
      This file has instructions on how to edit your xml files and where to put them on your site.

How much does it cost?

    Price is $17.