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What is a p3p policy?
    A P3P policy enables web sites to express their privacy practices in a standard format that can be read automatically by software such as IE6 and Netscape 7.

Why do I need a p3p.xml file?

    Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) looks for your p3p.xml before allowing cookies to work. If your site does not have a p3p.xml file then your site may not work correctly and a warning may show to the user.
    IE6 is being shipped with a default privacy setting of "medium" which will:
    • block 3rd party cookies without a compact privacy policy,
    • block 3rd party cookies using personal information without consumer consent,
    • restrict first party cookies using personal information without consumer consent.

    This could affect the user and/or web site owner in several ways such as:

    • order forms not working correctly,
    • affiliate sales not recorded,
    • customization will not work,
    • log ins do not work,
    • statistics not accurate,
    • preference settings not maintained,
    • pages will not load correctly,
    • warnings to user,
    • etc.

    IE6 is now the most popular browser so this will affect most of your users.

    Your web site users are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and concerned about privacy issues and are actively looking for your privacy policy. A p3p.xml file helps them find your privacy policy and reassures them that you are a reputable web site.

Customer Comments
Thank you for the professional attention to detail of my project and of the great customer service. This combination is rarely seen these days. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I would recommend your services to anyone.
Michael Bass
How do I get a p3p.xml file for my web site?

    We have 3 options available depending on your requirements:
    • Template.
      This is a basic template where you simply replace the sample data with your own. Easy to follow instructions are included. This is ideal for basic web sites that do not use cookies or collect any identifiable data. Price is $17. Details here.

    • Form.
      Simply fill in the form and we create a fully compliant p3p policy xml file for your web site. It will be sent to you by email within 48 hours and you simply upload it to your web site. This will be suitable for most web sites. Price is $67. Details here.

    • Consulting.
      We can professionally review your web site and privacy data practices, and create or update a fully compliant p3p xml file for your web site. If required we can also create or update your privacy policy, or advise on appropriate privacy policy practices. This option is suitable for complex or large corporate or government web sites. It is also ideal for web sites with no current privacy policy or for people who need help or simply don't have the time. Details here.

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